Connect teams and simplify workflows across your equipment lifecycle with Workflow+.

From a single campus with several facilities to coordinating a complete health system, Workflow+ enables you to track and retain more value for your equipment.
Tiered user permissions connect all stakeholders, increasing transparency and consistency between record bases.
Simplified lifecycle workflows improve process compliance and help track equipment more efficiently.
Easy in-network transfers increase equipment lifetime value and minimized unnecessary purchases.
Access to an extended equipment network, plus specialized experts and data, provides even more options to retain value.

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One system connects all stakeholders to manage your equipment retirement workflow.

A single centralized interface allows your teams to manage and efficiently communicate all retirement methods in one place, including trade-ins, internal transfers, resales, moving to storage, donation, or scrap removals.

Centralize your retirement workflows by applying customized processes that streamline requests, forms, and approvals for all retirement methods.

Connect all stakeholders using tiered user permissions, providing tailored information each member needs to keep consistent records across all databases.

Get immediate access to data with easy-to-access breakout reports — by retirement method, equipment type, and location.

An intuitive interface simplifies and standardizes processes for all user types.

Workflow+ increases user buy-in and improves process compliance, using streamlined digital forms and transparent communication to create faster requests and approvals.

Improve process compliance with a simple, efficient interface and automated processes that simplify every step of retirement workflows.

Expedite approvals using personalized queues which allow approved users to view outstanding actions required and approve requests with the click of a button.

Get instant insights from on-demand reporting, providing retirement method details that can be used to determine and implement best practices network-wide.

Extend the lifetime value of your equipment in-network and minimize unnecessary purchases.

Workflow+ allows you to list, request, and approve available equipment transfers across your entire network with one streamlined interface.

Retain value within your network with fast and easy transfers, utilizing automated processes to eliminate inefficient communications and approval wait times.

Save time and money with a centralized platform, featuring customized access levels to providing transparency while maintaining control of required approvals.

Integrate acute care and ambulatory sites for stronger network-wide connections, extending the life of your equipment and minimizing unnecessary new purchases.

Expand your options with exclusive access to specialized features and experts.

Leverage BidMed’s expertise and hospital-exclusive equipment exchange to capture the best value for your equipment outside of your network.

Using the “Help Me Decide” feature provides a Fair Market Valuation of equipment to help understand resale values and determine the best method of retirement.

The Helix hospital-exclusive equipment exchange allows you to sell and purchase equipment from other reputable health systems across the country.

Our specialized team of sales and procurement experts can also provide tailored services to optimize both savings and returns on your medical equipment needs.

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