The most common pitfall of hospital networks’ inventory management systems is a breakdown during asset lifecycle workflows. But with the right inventory accuracy software, these pitfalls can become a thing of the past.

One common pitfall is failure to add complete details for new acquisitions. Another is a breakdown in communication between departments regarding dispositions. Disjointed records also lead to unnecessary complications and wasted resources.

BidMed’s Helix Workflow+ delivers a clear, all-in-one inventory software solution. It connects key stakeholders, simplifies process compliance, and adds transparency between all departments.

Workflow+ even integrates with our powerful disposition tools — including internal transfers and secondary market sales. Plus, our expert insights help your team make better financial decisions and access high-return options.

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Simplify Your Workflow

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Retain & Return More Value

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Maintain an Accurate Equipment Ledger

Simplify Your Workflow with Inventory Accuracy Software

Tailored workflows ensure key stakeholders have the right access and permissions to make requests and approvals. BidMed specialists set your system up in a way that works with your existing processes.

Full Team Integration Adds Transparency and Accountability

With tiered user access, Helix’s inventory accuracy software connects all departments and cost centers. From inventory management staff to biomed admins and finance directors, everyone can collaborate on a single platform. Say goodbye to trying to coordinate paper trails and disjointed software records!

Centralized notifications also make sure pending tasks don’t disappear in crowded inboxes. Full team integration also adds a level of transparency and accountability. Everyone knows where requests are in the workflow, as well as who’s responsible for the next critical step.

Tailored Disposition Workflows Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Every account has a disposition dashboard tailored according to user permissions. This dashboard shows requests that require action by the logged-in user, pending requests waiting on another user, and completed requests for past approvals or denials.

In addition to a centralized dashboard, email notifications let users know when a task requires their attention. Users can make updates through their Workflow+ portal, or by using direct links included in these emails.

These dashboards show clear next steps for every user and add transparency about who is responsible for the next step in a workflow.

Retain & Return More Value

In addition to streamlining team processes, Workflow+ connects users with secondary market specialists, our proprietary pricing database, and financial tracking reports.

Make Better Disposition Choices

Fair market valuation (FMV) reports help simplify disposition decisions and enable high-value choices. These reports can validate trade-in offers or illuminate better options, such as secondary market sales on the Public Exchange.

BidMed has developed a clear hierarchy to determine ideal disposition choices. View our downloadable PDF to see how our decisions progress.

Integration to Disposition and Transfer Platforms

Internal transfers and a hospital-exclusive market are both available with certain Workflow+ subscriptions.

Connecting your entire health system with the Private Exchange tier of Workflow+ enables fast and easy internal transfers. These exchanges ensure value stays in-house and integrate seamlessly with your standard disposition workflow.

For assets leaving your system, an extended hospital-exclusive Exchange connects medical facilities across the country with each other. These direct sales help cut out added costs of equipment flippers and expensive middlemen.

All sales, purchases, and transfers are trackable right in your Workflow+ portal.

Reporting to Track Financial Returns

It’s easy to see the progress your facility, or entire system, is making with reporting dashboards in Workflow+. Review intuitive graphic representations in your user account, or download reports as CSV or PDF data.

Compare Disposition Methods — view a breakdown of assets removed by various methods, comparing trade-in, internal transfer, resale, donation, or scrap. Dashboards are customizable, allowing users to view by number of assets removed or by value returned.

Evaluate Financial Benefits — display value retained through internal transfers or recovered through resale. Users can also compare resale values against declined trade-in offers.

Maintain an Accurate Equipment Ledger

Keeping records in one cohesive ledger eliminates disjointed data where nobody knows what’s accurate. Plus, a simplified workflow and intuitive software drastically improve team process compliance.

Tailored Workflow Process

We work with you to create an asset lifecycle process that fits within your existing system. We understand every hospital network is different, and massive changes to processes just aren’t realistic.

So we tailor a workflow, and even your team’s Workflow+ accounts, to improve compliance and minimize operational disruption. You don’t have to choose one or the other — BidMed’s expertise and technology provide the best of both worlds.

Make Updates & Changes with Integrated Support Tools

Optimize workflow compliance using tools that integrate directly with Workflow+ — both for acquisitions and dispositions. Helix handles asset inventory lifecycle from start to finish.

Add new assets quickly and more accurately using the Helix Mobile app. Just scan a barcode and add essential details, plus images, directly from your mobile device. Features like our auto-complete library and OCR make this process even faster. And of course all data syncs automatically to Workflow+ when connected to WiFi.

Remove retired equipment using high-value disposition methods. Retain value in-system by leveraging internal transfers on your own Private Exchange. Or resell equipment on the secondary market using the hospital-exclusive Exchange, often returning values well over trade.

Both platforms integrate directly with Workflow+, and it only takes a few clicks to start!

Annual or Quarterly Audits

Ensure records stay clean and help validate process compliance with annual or quarterly audits.

Workflow+ provides access to all reporting directly within the platform — useful for ongoing internal assessments. To supplement these internal tools, BidMed also specializes in periodic audits of existing inventory.

Comparing existing records to on-site equipment significantly expedites inventory processing. Our teams often complete this process 70% faster than from-scratch inventory projects.

Conducting regular re-assessments like these also catch and correct errors before they compound and spiral out of control. Ongoing audits help assess patterns in process failures, identifying necessary workflow changes and optimizing your entire inventory lifecycle.

Say goodby to disjointed records that leave a hazy view of your equipment.

Whether your team is still using paper forms, emailing digital forms, or trying to connect multiple disjointed databases, finding the right inventory accuracy software smooths the process and eliminates headaches across departments.

Helix Workflow+ leverages tiered user access to make sure everyone on the team has a seat at the table. Grant equipment managers access to request removals or new purchases. Create clear workflows to approve or deny those requests. And connect directly to your finance department when changes are made.

Plus, with a dedicated Private Exchange and access to a wider hospital-exclusive marketplace, you have the best tools available to retain and return value, as well as save on purchases. OEM trade-ins don’t always return the best values. With Workflow+ and the BidMed team, though, you have tools to make the best choices.

And of course having one system that manages the full equipment lifecycle keeps your ledgers accurate and up to date. Simplified workflows make compliance easier than ever, and tailored notifications keep updates from falling through the cracks.

If you want to learn more about Worfklow+, see how it improves equipment lifecycles for health systems. Or schedule a quick demo with one of our specialists to see how Helix can work for you.

Ready for smoother asset lifecycles and higher returned values?

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