Fair Market Valuation Services

Knowing medical equipment values for assets ready to retire is the first step in returning more money to your capital budget. Fair market valuation (FMV) reports put more power back in your hands.

You already know smart asset dispositions return important value to your budget.

But how do you know if you’re getting the best returns possible?

Icons showing formula: fair market value minus OEM offer equals lost value.

Many healthcare facilities take advantage of OEM buy-back or trade-in offers. But without knowing the true value of your equipment, you could be leaving money on the table.

By assessing fair market values, you can:

Validate Trade-In Offers

Know whether an OEM offer is competitive or if other options would return more value.

Leverage Negotiating Power

Negotiate more value from OEM trade-in and buy-back offers based on our report findings.

Determine Ideal Disposition Methods

Choose the right disposition method for each asset, then set reserve prices and identify the best offers.

Project Returns & Purchasing Budgets

By forecasting anticipated returns, you can stretch wish-list purchasing budgets further.

How much money are you leaving on the table?

Pricing Data Put to Work for You

We leverage three key components to optimize returns: the GreenBook pricing database, expert FMV analysis reports, and a tried-and-true disposition workflow.

GreenBook Database

The GreenBook is our proprietary database of actual used medical equipment prices. Developed and continuously updated over several years, we add thousands of data points each month.

This data is gathered from real-time prices in sales happening every day.
Our proprietary algorithm then helps pricing experts analyze the data, comparing apples to apples and cross referencing between similar equipment types.

Fair Market Value Reports

Your final report is a mix of art and science — an expert interpretation of both pricing data and market trends.

FMV reports provide a range of values, which vary depending on disposition method and urgency. The more time available to match with an ideal buyer, the higher your returns.
A recommended method of disposition is included on every report. Our team can also help design and execute a strategic disposition plan.

Disposition Workflow

Once retained values are fully understood, we help choose (and execute) your best disposition options! Using a standard workflow, we explore four main options.

Trade Validation | OEM trade and buy-back offers are often the simplest way to return value. FMV reports validate fair offers, or provide leverage to negotiate a better one.
Reallocation | Health systems retain more value by transferring assets between networked facilities. The Private Exchange is the idea platform for internal transfers.
Resale | Depending on value, assets may sell better independently or grouped into lots. We help determine which choice is best, then help set reserves or choose best offers for listed items.
Donations | We can also help facilitate charitable equipment donations. Fair market values can then also be used for tax reporting.

Start leveraging fair market values today!